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By Peter Slingsby

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On Monday 21st of January 2019 in the morning there was a beautiful sight in the sky – A Lunar Eclipse. CWBR reached out to its extended family to see if anyone captured the moment and received some fantastic photos which were taken just outside of Riebeeck West in direction of Moreesburg. The eclipse started at 5h43 and the moon disappeared behind the horizon at about 6h00. Don’t worry if you missed it there will be another one later this year in July.

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Join us, on the 1st of December, at the Astronomical Observatory in Cape Town for the Western Cape Field Guide Association of South Africa meeting! The theme is ‘Below Ground.’ Talks will include the biodiversity of South African shores, a field guide book about the habits and life of South African ants, NSRI and the work they do in the community and marine guiding.

The programme will be packed with great speakers, FGASA news, Guide of the Year Award, and time for networking. There will also be a special tour after the meeting of the observatory. 

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On Friday 26 October the Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve (CWBR) had the amazing opportunity to visit a site in the south of Luxembourg that is earmarked to form part of Luxembourg’s first biosphere reserve. The Ellergron region has a rich natural and cultural history. At present an education centre and museum are open to the public at Ellergron. The museum focuses on the historical steel mines that dotted the area in previous centuries.

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Last week, Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve were fortunate to visit Meise Botanic Garden while on an awareness tour with La Source, a 20-meter-long oil painting depicting the biodiversity around and in the Berg River. There were discussions around future collaborations and joint awareness campaigns around art and conservation. And possibly twinning our future projects.

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