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Outreach Food Garden

There are many communities within the CWBR that don't have access to, or the funds to buy, fresh vegetables, or have the means to grow their own.

The centre has become the heart of an outreach program which introduces people to how to grow food under all circumstances and conditions.

This is done at schools, community centres and in private back yards. Once people have gone through the training they are then given the necessary resources to continue on their own, with ongoing support and supply of seedlings until they become self-sufficient.

Over 1500 seedlings are produced weekly, and fruit trees are distributed when funding and resources allow.

The CWBR has partnered with the Khoi San Agricultural Development Forum to help- them boost their initiative which aims at empowering their people to achieve regular healthy food supplies.

Thousands of granadilla plants are distributed, to plant along fences within informal settlements.  These not only supply food, but demarcate plots, provide protection for children from razor wire and beautify the area.

All of these have been propagated by volunteers, and recipients have been taught how to take cuttings from the mother plant they are given.

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