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In line with the organic food production methods, which are inexpensive and accessible to all, the Natural methods stall/node demonstrates homemade pesticides and which plants can be added to repel unwanted insects without deterring pollinators and other advantageous organisms.Different methods are discussed
•    Prevention
•    Healthy soil
•    Removal of diseased or weak plants
•    Organic pesticides
•    Beneficial insects and other predators
•    Traps
•    Barriers
•    Companion planting

Some of these methods include:
•    Crushed egg shells around plants deter snails as the eggs will cut their bellies;
•    Spraying leaves with worm tea deters insects and acts as a folia feed;
•    Planting garlic and marigolds in amongst the vegetables deters many mites;
•    Rotating planting avoids re infestation;
•    Watering at ground level, to avoid leaf burn and damp conditions
•    Allowing chickens to roam, they eat a number of pests;
•    Spraying with liquidised garlic and chillies deters flying insects.

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