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The principle of Square foot gardening is to grow a variety of compatible vegetables, in a small manageable area, which constantly supplies a variety of fresh food for a family.
It is normally done in raised beds and planted in a grid system rather than in rows.

The advantages of square foot gardening are
•    Great educational tool, and easy for kids to get involved and see comparatively quick results
•    Efficient use of nutrients and water
•    Reputed to produce up to 80 % more production than traditional row planting, within the same sized area.
•    Easily maintained

At the SLC we discuss and encourage families to introduce this method as a family activity to encourage children at a young age to enjoy gardening, realise the value of fresh food and learn that all food does not come from a packet, frozen or otherwise.

Compatible planting emphasises the need for a variety of vegetables to have a balanced diet, how plants grow in different densities, and what spacing is needed.

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