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VolunteersNew intro for Volunteers comes here!  Local volunteers who are making the Ultimate Living Centre a reality (and creating their own, new niche businesses) and foreign students who learn about SA's challenges and become the Winelands Biosphere's global ambassadors...

 The Athene School In Luxemburg supports the Bonnie Peoples Project and works hand in hand with The Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve to enhance the other projects in South Africa.

In August 2014 , three groups of student volunteers, together with their mentors visited Western Cape. They spent about a week in Franschhoek, working the Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve where they got involved in development of the Ultimate Living Centre at DelVera Agri Village and propagating granadilla plants for the Peoples Food Forest Project.

Over 2200 plants were produced, which will be planted in areas where food security is a problem.

The potential food production from these plants is perpetual, as cuttings can be made and new plants propagated. The plant shown above allowed for 2200 cuttings to be made, and one could hardly see that it had been touched. Wormbosch outside Stellenbosch, have kindly allowed the CWBR to take as many cuttings as is sustainably possible. The mother plant is sprayed with worm tea on a regular basis, which is not only a folia feed but acts as an insecticide as well.

Having spent time in Franschhoek, they then went to Bonnievale where they were involved in further development of the Bonnie Peoples Project, interacting with pre school pupils in the mornings and senior pupils in the afternoon. They ran the kitchen, initiated sport programs, built a volley ball court, and ran art classes , amongst a whole lot of other activities. This has happened annually during their school holidays, which has resulted in a long term relationship being developed with amazing results.


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