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People's Food ForestsFood security in many parts of the Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve and the surrounding areas is not guaranteed, and in fact is some areas, up to 70% of people do not know if they will be eating dinner tonight. This is not only in rural areas, but in urban and city areas as well.

Unemployment is rife, crowded living conditions and lack of education all play a role in this uncertainty.

The CWBR has embarked on a program to educate and empower people to create their own food source.

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VolunteersNew intro for Volunteers comes here!  Local volunteers who are making the Ultimate Living Centre a reality (and creating their own, new niche businesses) and foreign students who learn about SA's challenges and become the Winelands Biosphere's global ambassadors...

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Source of the Berg RiverThe source of the Berg River, looking towards Franschhoek from Assegaaibos. Photo: Mark Heistein

Within the CWBR are the sources of seven major rivers as well as many tributaries.  The mighty Berg, Breede, Palmiet, Eerste, Riviersonderend, Lourens, Kuils, Sir Lowry’s and the Du Toits are some of the rivers which are the bloodline to Cape Town as well as all the towns in the CWBR.

Without them there would be no drinking water, irrigation water, water reliant industry, swimming pools, showers, fish tanks, water to fill your radiator, water your garden or even take a bath. No fire hoses, dams to fish on, water to ski on, have you hair done, wash your car or make beer, wine or brandy, there would be no trout to eat, and in fact we would probably not be here.

They are without a doubt our prime resource, and yet we treat them with so little respect.

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Ultimate Living Centre"Diversity isn't involved so much with the number of elements in a system as it is with the number of functional connections between these elements. Diversity is not the number of things, but the number of ways in which things work."

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