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 The Wildlands Conservation Trust approached the CWBR to help with propagation of indigenous trees for their Treepreneur program. 

A training program was held with their staff and those doing internships. The Sustainable Living Centre will be used as a centre to germinate the seeds and root the cuttings, which will then be distributed to the various Treepreneurs to grow to a stage ready for planting out.

The trees are then bought back from them, creating income for many households.

WildlandsInterns with passion and concentration

1436953411916Metrosideros angustifolia

1436953371192 1Is this how I do it?

There will be tens of thousands of seeds and cuttings done over the next year, most of which will be planted in riparian zones, helping to preserve the quality of water,  arrest erozion, beautify areas and create habitat for a great number of species. Others will be planted to create urban parks and recreational areas.

Seeds need to be collected at the correct time of year, and stored according to species and their natural habitats.

Wildlands visitBevan showing how recycled material can be used for growing beds

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