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winelands biosphere logoPlease participate in our first tourism survey, and share the link with your friends and colleagues so they can complete the form too.  It only takes four minutes.  Whether you are in the Biosphere Reserve or anywhere else in the world... please participate!

The CWBR is mandated by UNESCO, the Western Cape’s Biosphere Reserves Act and MOUs with national &  local government departments to address growth in tourism within the Reserve in such a way that it benefits Man & Biosphere: enhancing the natural environment and creating meaningful jobs.

So the obvious place to start was to engage in discussions with with people running existing tourism organisations in the towns within the CWBR to explore opportunities for collaboration, and to start collecting statistics that will help us take decisions — “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

The survey has just been launched — so please click here to participate.

CWBR YouTube channel