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Because of the recent rainfall, many dams in the Western Cape are filling, and some even overflowing!

In the recent weeks, CWBR staff and volunteers visited Stettynskloof dam, which was then at 102%. This week, the Berg River dam is reported to be at 101.4%!

With this abundance of water, and more to come, many ask how the dams are managed and how the excess water is being stored. One suggested solution is to build more dams in the Cape, however the situation is more complex as dams need to meet people’s needs as well as the needs of the ecological reserve that it lies within.

To find out the complexity of dam management and what needs to be taken into consideration, follow the link below to read an article -


The Berg River Dam, Franschhoek, Western Cape


Stettynskloof dam, Haweqwa Nature Reserve, Western Cape

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